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Enter The Dream Realm: Rebirth – Vol. Three: With Arms Wide Open / I Hope You Dance

Sunday, August 29th, 2010

You are awakened by the feel of cool water against your lips, and you swallow hungrily, trying to quench a thirst you didn’t know you had. You open your eyes, and once again see the man standing over you. You ask who he is, and he smiles, saying you already know. He reaches over for the light an turns it back off, casting the room in darkness. “This is it, we’re almost finished. It’s time for your Rebirth. I’ll see you on the other side.” You start to ask what he means, but find the words won’t come as you feel your grip on lucidity begin to fade. Your eyes flutter in the blackness as you slip from consciousness, and once again begin to…

Rebirth – Vol. Three:

With Arms Wide Open / I Hope You Dance


The week of January 18, 2010 was the biggest week of my life thus far. On that Monday, I had interviewed for the open professorship position in the Geodynamics Research Center where I was working as a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow. I figured it was a courtesy interview, as I knew I was up against 27 older candidates with more experience, and I also knew I was hindered by my inability to speak Japanese. I took it all in stride and just gave the best interview I could, figuring at the end of the day it would at least be experience I could use in the future. It’s always good to practice one’s promo skills.