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Enter The Dream Realm Vol. 67 – The End Of The Innocence

Saturday, October 9th, 2010

NOTE: Every month in the LOP Columns Forum, there is a vote to determine which columnist had the best month out of all the writers in the forum. The winner of Columnist of the Month is then given the opportunity to post one of their columns on the Main Page. In August, the honor was bestowed upon Morpheus for the fourth time. The posting of his column was delayed a bit by the recent birth of his daughter, but here it is, better late than never. The winner of the September COTM contest is Shane, and he will be posting his column in the near future, hopefully without the same extreme delay that plagued Morpheus.

You go to LOP looking for more news regarding the new series being-pitched-by-slash-starring Hulk Hogan, so you can be sure to avoid the hell out of it, when you notice a new link in the Columns section. You recognize the name, and decide to click on the link to see what’s inside. As soon as you do so, your computer screen explodes into a dazzling array of colors, swirling hypnotically before you. After a few seconds, the colors seem to swirl together to form the shape of an hourglass, and you watch, transfixed, as it begins to turn over and the rainbow sand begins falling from the upper chamber. As the first grains hit the bottom, you feel yourself slip from consciousness as you once again begin to…

Volume Sixty-Seven

The End Of The Innocence


Welcome, Dreamers, to the landmark Sixty-Seventh Edition of Enter The Dream Realm. I am Morpheus, Master of the Dreaming, and I will be your guide through this land of Nightmares and Dreamscapes. It certainly has been a good long time since the last time we danced here on Lords of Pain, hasn’t it? It’s been an eventful couple of years here in the life of the Dream Master. Having finally finished school, I moved with my new wife to Japan, where I am working as a Geophysics Professor, and she is working on recovering from having our first child just two weeks ago. That is right; the child spoken of in the prophecy has come. She has risen from the depths of legend to restore the balance between good and awesome. Hold your banners high and raise the fist of the Metal child!


Enter The Dream Realm: Rebirth – Vol. One: My Naveed (Part 2)

Monday, August 16th, 2010

You shoot bolt upright, waking from a deep Dream, and find yourself on the floor next to your computer. You look around and find bright colored light coming from your monitor. As you reach up to turn it off, another bright white light issues forth, with a force behind it that knocks you back to the floor. As your vision blurs and begins to fade, you see a man step over you and smile. He whispers the words, “Sweet Dreams,” as you slip from consciousness, and once again begin to…

Rebirth – Vol. One:

My Naveed (Part 2)


Link to Rebirth – Vol. One – My Naveed (Part 1)

“And I can’t live here anymore,
But it’s hard when you reach for that floor.
There’s something that tears me inside, so I can’t go.”
All lyrics from Our Lady Peace – Naveed

What do you do when the one thing that is causing you pain is the only thing that can take it away?