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Enter The Dream Realm Vol. 72 – Morph’s Crusade: Don’t Watch? Don’t Bitch!

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

“Guess Who’s Back…”
Enter The Dream Realm

Volume Seventy-Two

Morph’s Crusade: Don’t Watch? Don’t Bitch!


Welcome, Dreamers, to the long-awaited, much anticipated, and return-marking Seventy-Second Edition of Enter The Dream Realm. I am Morpheus, Master of the Dreaming, and I will be your guide through this land of Nightmares and Dreamscapes. Greetings all, from the Land of the Rising Sun. To those of you who remember me, I give a hearty what’s up, and those of you new to the Dream Realm I bid you a cordial welcome. It’s good to be back here on Lords of Pain after an extended hiatus, and I’m excited about the prospect of getting to talk wrestling (among other things) with you guys once again. Time to get our geek on and inject some awesome into this bitch.